NEW Grindminder Brush available now!

Introducing Grindminder, A new combination Grinder Brush and Counter Sweep in one convenient tool. Simply brush down the grinder, flip it around and sweep off the counter. It's not only versatile, it's addicting. We use it for just about everything around the shop. In addition to keeping a really clean espresso station, we use it to brush wood and metal shavings off power tools and then sweep off the counter.
Available for purchase in the ORDER section.

  NEW Caffeine Wrench features

Our incredibly useful caffeine wrenches just got more useful!
All Caffeine Wrenched now have an onboard 11mm thermometer adjustment/calibration fetaure. Look in the products section for more information

  Coffeetool LP is now available!

Coffeetool LP is a new low-profile replacement bristle for use on any Coffeetool model. The main differences from the original bristles are additional length and the new lower-profile poker location. A new steam wand vent poker is added to the underside of every bristle cartridge. The new position provides a poker that is handy yet out of the way, especially during aggressive cleaning.

  Coffeetool is now available in South Africa.

We are very happy to welcome Koldserve as our new importer/distributor for South Africa. For contact information please visit the LINKS page

  Coffeetool wins "Most Innovative Product" Award.

Hospitality News and Coffee Talk declares Pällo the "Most Innovative Product" at Coffeefest 2004.